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SMARTGLASS - Our philosophy is development of unique technologies in the glass industry for contemporary architecture.

Cartier boutique, Moscow, st. Petrovka, glazing of the entrance group, glazing of a shop window, stairs

Business center "Red Rose", Moscow, glazing - office partitions

Penthouse, Moscow, architects: ARX4 Studio, sliding glazing

Flagship boutique Polo Ralph Lauren, Moscow, glass windows and entrance lobby

Cartier boutique, Moscow, windows glazing

Recording studio, Moscow region, architect - Thomas Arnold, sliding glazing

F-house, Moscow region, architects: Natalia Lobanova, Ivan Perminov, Thomas Arnold, sliding glazing

Terrace, Moscow region, architect M. Hinselmann, sliding glazing

Terrace, Zhukovka, architects: ARX4 Studio, sliding glazing

Apartment, Moscow, House-commune, architect - Ginzburg, sliding glazing

Terrace. Moscow region Architects: ARTPROPERTI, glazing

Reconstruction of the Dynamo Water Stadium, Moscow, sliding glazing

Moncler boutique, Moscow, Stoleshnikov per., Glass windows and entrance lobby

Vacheron Constantin boutique, Moscow, st. Petrovka, interior sliding glazing

KELLER Export Award for the "Winery" project in Anapa, 2018

Private house, Moscow region, village Dyadenkovo

Private house, Moscow region, Odintsovsky district, Zarechye, Kuntsevo9

Private house, Moscow region, Krasnogorsk district, near the village of Timoshkino, cottage village “Cristal Istra”, architects: ARX4 Studio - wine room glazing

Private house, Moscow region, Krasnogorsk district, near the village of Timoshkino, cottage village “Cristal Istra”, architects: ARX4 Studio, front panoramic sliding glazing

Private house, architects partners ARX4 Studio, showroom, sliding glazing

Pool - SPA, private, Moscow region, Krasnogorsk district, Pozdnyakovo village, Nikolskaya Sloboda village, st. Nikolskaya Sloboda, architects KD Studio, motorized sliding glazing

Winery "Chateau Gai-Kodzor", Krasnodar Territory, resort city of Anapa, Gai-Kodzor village, Yuzhnaya street 12A, architects Kleinewelt Architekten, sliding glazing

Private apartment, Moscow, st. Leo Tolstoy, residential complex "Literator", sliding motorized glazing

Private apartment, Moscow, Pushkarev per., Architects ARX4 Studio, sliding glazing

Hotel on the river Volga, Tver region, sliding glazing

Winter Garden - glasshouse, Moscow, st. Trubetskaya, 10, architects: BELLARDO architectural bureau, sliding glazing

Winter garden and entrance lobby, Moscow region, Zhukovka

Private apartment, Moscow, Podsosenskiy per., Architects: bureau AKANT, balcony glazing

Glazing of the Japanese restaurant Marukame, Moscow, Mall "Atrium

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